Subtitile problem and ogm/vorbis still can't play properly

I am currently using Handbrake (video converting software) to turn ogm to mkv format. When I play the converted media (mkv) using WD TV live hub the subtitles disappear too soon (like half a second) I can’t read it but on my PC it’s just fine. The only reason I have to convert formats is because the WD TV Live hub still has issues playing ogm. What can I do to fix the subtitles from disappearing too soon? Can developers fix this ogm and vorbis problem so I don’t have to go through the trouble of converting media formats? I can’t stand seeing too many unsynchronized and mismatched video and audio.

BTW I have the latest firmware.

Janethan23 wrote:

Can developers fix this ogm and vorbis problem so I don’t have to go through the trouble of converting media formats? 

It’s isn’t a “problem.”  OGM containers aren’t supported. 

As to the subtitles, what format are they?   If they’re text-based, Can you post a sample?


I’ve got the same issue of the subtitles appearing too briefly / disappearing too quickly when watching a .mkv on my WDTV Live Hub, albeit arrived at differently…

I’ve used AnyDVD HD ( to back up my original copy of “I, Robot” (2 disc Special Edition, FWIW) to a USB disk in .BUP/.IFO/.VOB format/structure. That disk is now connected to the WDTVLH. I’ve then used MakeMKV (v1.6.10) against that structure. The resultant .mkv is on the WDTVLH internal disk and contains all 5 Audio and all 4 Subtitle tracks, obviously in addition to the main feature video.

I can watch the .BUP/.IFO/.VOB image on the WDTVLH and all subtitles appear as expected/normal. But, when I watch the .mkv on the WDTVLH all subtitles appear too briefly / disappear too quickly. I can view the exact same .mkv using vlc and subtitles are perfectly fine.

Any thoughts please folks?



Oops, sorry, I meant to say, my WDTVLH firmware is current (2.06.10).



Sorry for the very long deley :cry:

The subtitles format is UTF8 and is not a separate file

FWIW the problem I was seeing was down to MakeMKV v1.6.10.

MakeMKV v1.6.12 revision notes mention an incorporated fix: “Subtitles were displayed too short on some players”. The subtitle display period on my WDTVLH has been fine ever since moving to v1.6.12.

goodbabywell wrote:
As for OGM Player, Bigasoft Total Video Converter is recommended. Bigasoft Total Video Converter can not only convert between various video formats but also play OGM files with its built-in video player for free. It can freely play OGM, OGV, and OGG in preview screen or full screen, and even can play OGM file with subtitle. you can find at


Can’t decide, good advice or cleaver spamm…

You could just use an actual subtitle file in addition to what you already have so as not to re-encode your movies. There are a bunch of sites that have free subtitle files you can download and work great with the WDHUB as well as VLC wtc. I have had sucess finding subtitles I need at:

Doesn’t entirely solve your issue but may be an easy workaround


speaking of subtitles, idx/sub format is working on the hub ?

I have not gotten idx/sub working so far (on FW 2.06.10).  The Hub doesn’t seem to see the files when you hit the subtitle button. Text based subs (.sub, .srt) work great. Any one else figur this out?