Substitute for WD Discovery anywhere?

I know that this is not actually a new subject as such but I can’t find anything useful on the forum so please forgive a newbie for asking this question: does anyone have a substitute for WD Discovery, please?

It might not be the most brilliant piece of software it has been really helpful to me in being able to see remote network drives in File Explorer (Windows 10). From next month, I will no longer be able to see the remote drives (in my partner’s office 100 miles away) other than on the web. I will no longer be able to add items to the other driver’s library at the flick of a mouse.

Has anyone got a workaround solution for a substitute to Discovery?

Thanks in advance.

This has been answered for a few months now, since Jan 2023 with the use of the free-for-personal use of Tailscale mesh VPN service. Unfortunately it is difficult to get home users to spend a few minutes reading and learning a new tool even though that would solve all the security and performance problems of Western Digital servers and software.

The activation of the Tailscale subnet software router is literally one command line where the ip subnet address is where My Cloud Home is residing:

tailscale up --advertise-routes=

copying across subnets with two different ISP services with Tailscale: