SubSonic Media Streamer

Hi all,

I would really love to have the SubSonic media streaming server ported to the EX4. SubSonic runs on Linux and only requires Java to be installed. With SubSonic, you can stream audio and video media to any device all over the world and supports user accounts, libraries, playlists and much much more (such as mobile apps).

Subsonic is really fast as it indexes all music in a format that is easily searched through. Twonky is way too slow for the amount of music I’m placing on my NAS - I need SubSonic. 


Bas Groothedde

Why another Media Server with the same capabilities as installed Twonky? Configure Twonky and it will do the same; Twonky is available on port 9000 with its own config pages.

Twonky hardly does the same. Twonky’s web interface is extremely slow when you have a lot of music (I need to wait for the page to load for about 10 seconds). Also, Twonky doesn’t allow me to play a full album in a webplayer like SubSonic does. 

SubSonic is basically iTunes in a webinterface if you ask me - Twonky doesn’t come close to that. 

Idea submitted for Community voting.