Subs in the folder but not working

Hi everybody, i’m using with great satisfaction my live hub, less than for a problem with sub. i’ve a lot of videos with sub (.srt) uploaded on the hdd of my hub but when i play the video file (.avi) it doesn’t start . The file name of the sub is the same of the video file, there’s something i’ve to do to play subbed videos?

Ok, may be a dumb question:  Are you turning the subtittles on?  Using the Subtitle button?

yes :(… 

i will update my firmware tonight … let’s try this 

Can the hub even execute a serperate srt file, while video is playing ?

I usually use Mkv or mt2s which has the sub files muxed into the container.

Yes the Hub can use .srt files for subittles. Below is an example of the four files I have for the Godard movie Alphaville. When I hit the subtitles button it automaticaly plays the .srt file, and thus can also be switched off the same way. I am using this setup with MOJO and Firmware version 2.06.10 (which I have found to be the most stable one that meets all my needs so far)

Alphaville (1965).srt

Alphaville (1965).xml

Alphaville (1965).avi

Alphaville (1965).jpg

good luck