Subfolders in Spotify suddenly not accessable

Ok, I have a Spotify folder which contains 67 subfolders. I never had any problems with it and could play everything in the folder. Now, when i open the folder, only the first 10 subfolders are showed and when i want to scroll further to select another folder, the folder list blocks, i cant reach the other folders.
I have no problems with this on my Android, Ipad or Windows PC, there it works without any problems, but on my WDTV’s (I own two) it suddenly doesn’t work anymore. I tried resetting, without succes.

Any ideas?

Hello, can you check if you have a .WD_TV folder on the Spotify folder?, if so, can you delete it? How are you trying to access this folder, via network share or media server?

I don’t understand what you mean. I just go to the Spotify app in the WDTV menu and open Spotify.I mostly make my playlists on Windows PC or Ipad. Since Spotify is on a account base, you can open it on every device you want.