Subfolders in Shared Pictures do not appear (WD Photos app on ipad and android) and other problems

Hi, I have a Photos folders with subdirectories for dates in the ‘Shared Pictures’ folder. Pictures in the root folder do appear, but pictures in subfolders don’t appear. I read in some old post that this was by design, but I just can’t figure why that would be the case, as it doesn’t make any sense. As it stands, I have a ton of pictures neatly organized, even if I wanted to make a mess I don’t have a way to automatically copy all the pictures into a single folder.

As an additional note, I’m  generally having problems showing specific directories with the app, even in other shares.

For example, all the photos in subdirectories for my automated Windows 8 file history show up, but not directories from the volumes backed up by SmartWare from a Windows 7 machine. The behaviour of this app is super inconsistent.

Any recomendations of alternative apps for android and ipad that can see and navigate a network share?

I had problems with that, and the solution seemed to be to let the folders re-build themselves; I think i used the restart on the WD Quick View, but then read that leaving it over night can also work. 

I tried that yesterday with a different folder on a separate share (public, but not the actual Public one). The WD MyCloud dashboard seems to find the pictures, but not the photo app. Will try again today. This app is so frustrating because it almost works, but not quite.

Seems like rebuilding did work for this directory, thanks. It does not work for the smartware backup directory though:

WD SmartWare.swstor (for some reason this directory is not included, and I would want it too).

pixelcowboy wrote:

WD SmartWare.swstor (for some reason this directory is not included, and I would want it too).

Are you sure there are actually photos in there?  Unless SmartWare is “syncing” into that folder, it’s just going to be backup bundles, not the original files (photos.)

Yes, there are about 10000 pictures, I can browse to them just fine.

I haven’t checked to know for sure, but I guess it’s possible that WD photos intentiionally omits the backup shares…