Sub Optimal data transfer WD 1000 DHTZ (Rapter)

Wondering if anyone knows why my 1TB rapter drive would be the lowest score on my windo index? i get low transfer rates?

Running Asus x79 sabertooth with 64gb ram 7970 and a 6 core lga 2011 chip over clocked and powered by a1200w power supply water cooled… drive is pluged in via sata to 6gb connector on mb.

Every diagnosis program i run tells me sub optimal transfer rates or comes up as low score i have never heard it actuall spin up to 10k as i have an exact duplicat desktop running a 5500 rpm hd i hear all the time.

Tried copy and pasteing the sereal number right from the wd lifeguard program to this site and it tells me invalid ser no. to get info to no avail so im here.

Top knoch game system thought the hd was too but not working that way can anyone help???

 i tried updatein driver and says up to date.

What im i missing here?

Hi any mechanical hard drive in windows 7 max score would be 5.9 that is just the way it is, windows 8 is the same way but a different score as it counts higher. To get faster you need a ssd drive.

Thanks… that’s its score against all the other 7.9’s  greatly appreciated