Sub Folder Limitations on the WD ShareSpace

I have a 4 TB WD ShareSpace, I am using WD Anywhere Backup (have also tried Memeo Back Professional… essentially the same thing), and I have encountered an error.

One of the folders that I am backing has 3,091 folders with a total 52,911 files, but obviously when WD Anywhere Backup encrypts the back up it creates a lot more folders.

Currently when viewing the folder properties for the backup folder, it contains 113,567 files in 162,948 folders. Which is fair enough, but it will not backup anymore files for this particur back up set.

I have looked the WD Anywhere Backup logs and there is an error message repeated for each ‘failed’ file: " System.IO.IOException: An attempt was made to create more links on a file than the file system supports".

I am relaitvely new to *nix systems, but upon a quick search I found/assume that it is an EXT3 file system on the WD ShareSpace. WIth a 30,000 sub folder limit. The EXT4 is 60,000, but this can be removed, however the actual count is not kept (or something like that).

I have a similar backup (i.e., similar file/folder count) running on a different PC, to an external USB hard drive and there is no problem at all.

I am running Windows 7.

So now to the questions:

  1. Has anyone else encountered this error? If so, is there a work around? 
  2. What file system is actually used on the WD ShareSpace?
  3. What is the limit of sub-directories per folder on the WD ShareSpace?

The ShareSpace uses EXT3 which you already pointed out the limitation for. For almost every user 30,000 folders is far more than they would ever use. My best suggestion is either to not encrypt your backup (never a good idea anyway), or back up less overall data.

And before you ask there is no way to make the drive EXT4 :slight_smile: