I have a new MLB.
I’ve connected it via my router and home plugs to 3 satellite TV receivers, a Vu+ Solo2 and 2 Vu+ Solo. I can stream any type of file from the MLB to the Solo2 but when I try to the Solo the audio stutters. All 3 Solo can play back those exact same files when reading from a USB connected drive or direct from my PC HDD connected via the same router/home plugs without any issue.
Any ideas?



Are you using a wireless or wired connection for the Solo connection? If you are using an Ethernet connection, check if the Solo that is giving problems has a Gigabit Ethernet port, since the problem might be caused if you have low bandwidth for the files you are transferring. Also try to contact Solo support page to see if the Solo model that is giving problems has any problems when streaming the type of file you are trying to use.