Stuttering VOB files

Discovered this by accident looking in to a different issue. I can’t stream VOB files without it stuttering and losing sound, started the painful exercise of converting these files to ISO files which stream fine. I was looking into a problem I’m having with DVD shrink which made me think if this may solve my current problem streaming VOB Files. The issue being storing the files on an external hard drive, in my case drive F. I transferred a folder with VOB files to my C drive and hey presto this streams fine with 5.1 sound, menus, extras etc, etc.

Hope this helps someone experiencing a similar problem, my issue now is what to do about this, continue converting the files or buy a larger capacity C drive.

Hi there, when you try to stream the files is it through WI-FI or wired connection to the network ? Lets see if another user can share some information and tips on this matter.

Streaming by wifi not wired, the picture is perfect with no stuttering or loss of sound…

The external drive F you originally had the VOB files on, is it an older drive? How is it connected, USB?  Perhaps the performance is related to that drive, being that it works on your C drive.  Do you have another drive you could try?

stuttering *.vob issues … has been discussed on the forum for years


i personally don’t use vobs … hope you find some useful info in the links

Little premature with my comments, this was working fine for a short while (honest) but back to stuttering issues again, will crack on with ISO conversions and delete the VOB files as can’t stream em like this.

Thought I’d cracked it…