Stuttering video files across wi-fi on android only

Apologies if this is covered elsewhere - I’ve looked, honest!

I have a few issues with my My Cloud.

  1. My Sony TV and Bluray player won’t play mp4 and mkv files from the WD but will from a USB stick - this does my nut in! I can see no alternative other than converting the mp4/mkv files into avi, which is a terrbile ball-ache. I thought about going down the MiniDLNA route, but that seems to make no difference to htis. Oddly, the PS3 will play most (not all) of these files.

 My LG bluray on the other hand plays all bar one of my files (obviously hates The Muppets…). Any way of making the mp4/mkv files play across the DLNA network?

  1. A more serious problem is an apparent inability to use the My Cloud app on my android phones/tablets. It just about copes with music, although with healthy delays between tracks for some reason. However, films are unwatchable. They just stutter. Now, I thought this might be limitations of the wi-fi network in the house, but the LG bluray player only connects via wi-fi and plays everything fine. Also, my Ruark hi-fi only connects via wi-fi and that sreams music continuosly without issue. Connect via the WD My Cloud app and kiss goodbye to watching anything.

Also, should I expect difficulties in streaming data if I have multiple connections e.g. TV downstairs playing a film, tablet upstairs playing music?

I really want to love my NAS box, but right now I am feeling like it isn’t really doing what I expected. All I really wanted was a central repository of music, films and pictures and to be able to view/listen these files on my devices in the house. It is feeling like I will need to add some additional device to make this happen. :mansad:

I can also add that I have the same problem streaming anything remotely. I have just tried from my office computer (LAN) and it’s just as bad, if not worse, than when I try from the home wi-fi. Does this indicate network issues and if so why aren’t the bluray players etc. affected in this way?

Is wifi turned on in your phone? have you verified it is connected to your wifi and not some other one?

if the wifi settings are good in the phone it could be a wifi issue in the phone since you say other things work ok

  1. The issue is obviously with the renderer (tv/blu-ray). Even PS3 doesn’t play all your mkvs. Turning to MiniDLNA or any other streamer won’t help either. Note mkvs are not dlna standard and not all players support mkv via dlna. I’m lucky enough that both my samsung tv and blu-ray works with mkv via dlna. One trick is to try renaming the mkv to avi, that helped me for my older lg tv though not all codec works.

  2. You may need to upgrade your router :stuck_out_tongue: What is your network speed for both internet and wlan g/n/ac? For internet do a speed test @ You can use mobile app (playstore) from your Android device to test. Also get from playstore an app called wifi analyzer to screen wifi strength. The area could be congested, choose a different channel on your router. Check your every android device speed and signal during the streaming, settings connections wifi, click on the connected network. E.g. mine shows 433Mbps.

It would seem that all that was needed was to disconnect the NAS from the My Cloud app and then reconnect to it. Now, videos stream to all devices via the app as expected. Weird.