Stuttering SD-content/DVD5


This will be my first post.

Yesterday I received my WD TV Live. I think it is a wonderful device which reacts very fast and it has a beautiful interface.

I connected the WD TV Live to a Synology DS107 NAS by using a 200 Mbps TP-Link Powerline cable to watch several content at my Panasonic TX-P42G10. HD content, such as AVCHD, is shown perfectly. Also DVD9 is shown pretty well, but DVD5 is a big problem. After a few seconds the stuttering begins and a few seconds later the viewing freezes.

What is this?

Before I bought this device I informed me by using the reviews which can be found at the internet. The sigma chip which is used is a very good one, but it has some difficulties with showing SD-content because the Sigma chip does not postproces this SD-content. So I was aware of the problems with viewing SD-content. But nowhere I read anything about the issue I encountered.

Is this problem a bug? Is this problem known? Will it be solved with a next firmware update?

If it is not a bug, is there something I can do about it?

Many thanks in advance.

Weird, cause when I’m watching DVD, it’s always DVD5 and they work all fine. Maybe your authoring of those is messed up?

Agree with other comment, as any ISO files I create from either type of DVD with AnyDVD and associated program work fine.  In addition , I have no problems with ISO files I create from SD content on DVD (such as DVDs made from my Laser Disc or video tape collection.)

The problems you describe are very likely caused from the ripper you use or the way you use it.