Stuttering Playback When Connected to Media Library Only (MP4's)



WD TV SMP => Connected by Ethernet to Router (Latest Firmware)

WD MyBook Live => Connected by Ethernet to Router (Latest Firmware)
Twonky Version on MyBook Live => 7.09 Special

Router => Thomson TWG-870

I use the SMP for streaming Video files using an NFS share on the NAS added to the Media Library. My problem in a nutshell:

  1. All my ripped DVD’s play flawlessly -> all ripped to MP4 via Handbrake (High Profile Setting).

  2. None of my Home video files taken with a Galaxy S3 (.MP4) or iphone 4 (.MOV) play without stuttering and in many cases the video appears speeded up.

  3. I changed the Video folder to use the Twonky Media Server on the NAS and all of the home videos playback without stuttering.

  4. I have tried factory resets etc without success.

Would anyone have any ideas as to why the Media Library is unable to play these files but when played via Twonky they’re fine?


I found this by googling:

Seems that this might be the case. I can live with it…just switch to the Media Server when watching home videos.

Thanks for the link.