Stuttering only when metadata is enabled

Using latest 1.04.12 firmware I now have access to meta-data (using an NFS share)

However - ANYTHING I try and play just keeps stuttering and skipping. Be that MKV’s , AVI’s or simple DVD’s.

It ONLY happens when the meta-data is being used from my NAS’s NFS share.  If I disable the share and just use the standard twonkymedia Media access it all works fine :frowning:

Any tips? hint?

PS - Fully wired gigabit network here.

thanks in advance.

Do you have the same problem with a USB drive or another NAS? o.o

Don’t have metadata on a USB drive to try out, nor another nas.

btw I’m using a QNAP TS-212 via an NFS share (twonkymedia disabled).

My USB stick turned up today so going to try sticking the meta-data on there whilst connected to the NFS share and see if I can get it to work.

Fixed this issue,  by using a SAMBA share instead of an NFS one btw :wink:

Now all I need is that darn new firmware bug to be fixed!