Stuttering MKV playback and no CIFS/SMB connection to NAS


i have a big problem with my WDTV (3rd generation). I’m streaming my MKV Movies from my NAS (synology ds211+) to the WDTV.

I’m connected with a NFS share on my NAS and the MKV movies begin to stutter after 1-2 minutes. The codec is AVC (High@LV4.1 - 5 REF Frames) Video Stream and a DTS Audio Stream - so it is supported.

I try to connect to my NAS with a windows connection (smb or cifs) but the WD can not find my NAS windows share…don’t know why…

All mkv’s are played fine from USB.

Can someone help me with this problem?

Hi, did you updated to the latest firmware?