Stuttering m2ts mkv over synology nas

Hello All,

Trying to play blu-ray rips (m2ts and mkv’s) on my WD Live streaming box over Cat5e 1GB network from my Synology NAS ds212j and I’m getting some stuttering. I only had m2ts files at first, but re-ripped some of my movies into mkv’s to see if they would work any better. Although its a lot better they still stop and rebuffer every minute or so.

Whats interesting is I can stream m2ts files fine from my WD Live TV Hub in the other room. They never stutter. So it makes me think its a setup on my NAS. I setup the media streaming service and indexed all my directories that have the content in them, but I’m still having issues. Is there something else I’m missing?

Thank you, John

how are you streaming them from the syno



media server

I’ll be you’re using smb

synology natively supports nfs, its’ a lot faster, that’s what I’d try

Start by ruling out the cabling. Hook your WDTV SMB up to the cable to the WDTV hub that works, and see if it stutters. If it does, then it could be a network setup issue on the WDTV SMB or some issue with the media server.

Also make sure neither the server or the WDTV is overloaded with other stuff (indexing, compiling, getting media info etc). the “j” version of synology servers have quite meager resources, so that might be a bottleneck.

I’ve seen occasional stutter on my Synology 109 gigabit network setup, when playing a specific DTS-MA BD iso file from a windows share, not sure why, but i suspect it’s something with the ISO-file and the way WDTV reads it…

What programs are you using to make your M2TS and MKV files? I use Clown_BD and MakeMKV for movie only files. I have three DS212J’s with Synology’s Media Server installed without problems using Network Share>Windows Shares. The only time I have any stuttering is when I try and use NFS shares. I turn it off in the SMP and the NAS.  It’s funny though, as I had a My Book LIve 3TB that the SMP would play using NFS fine. Could be something in the version of NFS from Synology that the SMP doesn’t understand maybe.

Thanks for all the replies. I’m using DVDFab to create the M2ts and mkv files. I’m guessing I’m using SMB because I’m using the “My Media Manager” in the Stream box to add the shares. CPU is very low on the Synology NAS so thats fine. One other thing I did notice is this is also happening with files that are on the WDTV Hub as well so that kinda rules out a NAS issue. It must be a cable issue or a setup issue on the WDTV? This has been working fine for a while. Hasn’t been really any changes, but some updates on the NAS and firmware updates on the stream box. I’ll try hooking up the stream box on another port in the house to rule out that cabling.

This seems to be a resource issue on the stream box. If I do a hard restart on the stream box before I play a m2ts file or mkv they play perfect. So I’m convinced this isn’t a network issue, but hanging tasks choking the box. Anyone else come across this?

Still working through this issue. It doesn’t seem to be all mkv and m2ts files. Only certain ones that I have this issue with. Haven’t been able to figure out what is different with them. They play fine in my other room from the WD TV Hub accessing the same way as the SMP off my NAS. Some reason certain files are choking on my SMP. Anyone have any ideas on what I can do to find out the issues with the files?

Thanks, John