Stuttering issue- Network topography?

So I changed my netowrk togopgraphy and cant decide if thats what made everything not work during a rewire last week… Here is my issue… When I stream using avatar MKV bluray - 39 gb file as my test file, I get stuttering/ freezing and audio dropouts.

In troubleshooting I have done the following:

  1. When streaming the above file using “network shares”- this is when I have the issue

  2. Streamed the same file from synology 409+ and my unraid server- BOTH have the issue when a network share

  3. When using DLNA from the synology- no issues. (but then I cant open VOBs and DVD menus in DLNA) and my unraid doenst have DLNA

  4. When I streamed the same file to my plex (mac mini) and it works fine (from sames hardware devices on same switch)

I tried changing my topography and it improved the issue, but its still there…

I have the unraid plugged into my Fios Router and cascading off that I have 2 GIGABIT switches (both linksys- 1 24 port and 1 8 port)… When I put the unraid fileserver and the wdtv on the same switch- it fails miserably… when I put the unraid on the router and the WDTV on the switch it works better, but still fails… So I have the unraid box plugged directly into the router and the wdtv into the router directly as well and its better, but still freeezes and it unwatchable…

Anyone got any ideas? Is it my switch (they ARE gigabit)?It cant be my fileserver(s) since it happens on both…

This is like chasing ghosts…



mrbadss, have you been able to discovery the reason behind this issue? What other details are you able to share with the WD Community?