Stuttering/freez playback on my macbook pro wirelessly

Hi Everyone,

I have the 3tb My Cloud device. I have it hard wired to 4 different rooms in my home using cat 6 cable. Viewing my media content that way is flawless.

My problem is that I have a 2014 macbook pro with the WD cloud software installed. Sometimes I get a hiccup/freeze when watching my media content/movies wirelessly. I have high speed connectivity up to 300bps.

Interestingly If I stream on my ipad Air 2 tablet, I have NO issues.

Any suggestions on how to fix this ongoing problem?


I have high speed connectivity up to 300bps.

There’s your problem; you need more than 300 baud for video… :wink:

Given that everything else works, including another WiFi access device, it does rather point to a fault/problem with the MacBook Pro. Apples don’t always ‘just work’, and they do go wrong, just like all hardware/software systems.

Check what WiFi channels the two Apples are using; the MBP could be choosing a congested channel. I’m sure there’s an app for that; there is for Android.

If you truly have 300bps then that’s your problem. If that is a typo then what application are you using to watch media content? Have you done an actual local network speed test (NOT a broadband speed test) to see what your realworld local network WiFi speed actually is?

One rarely if ever gets the advertised speed their equipment is rated for. There are several reasons why this is the case. You need to do several local network speed tests to try and isolate the causes which could involve distance from the wireless router/ap, network congestion, interference, overloaded wireless channel, wireless adapter speed limitations, etc.

I’ve noticed that when I play my files through the WD My Cloud app on my Macbook, I don’t have any playback issues but when I play them through the WD Access that is where I have my troubles.


‘WD Access’? What’s that?

Frankly, for local network use, I wouldn’t use the WD apps, I’d just map the drive into your computer’s file system, and use Finder to access it.

I know the WD apps should work, butmapping into the file system will give you the most versatile and seamless integration into your computer.

How do I do this -? map the drive into my laptop file system

See p23 of the User Manual.

The rest of the manual is worth reading.