Stupid Question, maybe, but I need an answer ASAP!

I just updated the firmware on my new My Book Essential. Now, I have a message that is telling me to FIRST “power cycle” the drive, and THEN restart my computer. I’m assuming that the directive to “power cycle the drive” means to turn it off and then back on, or unplug it then plug it back in? The power button on the drive doesn’t seem to do anything, though. So, I unplugged the drive, plugged it back in, and then got the same message to power cycle the drive first and then restart the computer. I need to know ASAS whether I can go ahead and restart the computer now? THANKS!

Update: It’s been 11 minutes since I posted the above. I was hoping someone could give me a quick “yes” or “no” answer to my question, but it appears I could be waiting a very long time for even that, so I’m just going to restart my computer and see what happens! Thanks anyways!

If you got that message the firmware should have installed correctly. Just turn it off and on normally.