Studio II usage

I have just received my new Studio II with 2 1TB drives.  But after reading through the info I realized I did not know what I was doing and maybe bought the wrong product.

I bought the external drive hoping to be able to backup section of 2 different computer, my desktop and my laptop.  Can I attach the Studio II to the Desktop and then share it with the Laptop through the desktop?

I read through the raid array info.  The raid 0 does not sound as it will work for backups because if one of the two drives fail the whole array is ruined.  Now I believe that raid 1 would work for backups but cuts capacity in half and slows things down.  Can I not use a raid of anykind, have the full 2TB capacity?  Say backup one computer to drive A and the other to drive B.  Will the automatic backup work without a raid being set up?

The laptop will not be attached all the time - so would the automatic backup work at all - like say backing everything up as needed when I reconnect?

Lots of questions.

Would appreciate any help you could give.

Thanks, Dennis

Sorry but the raid arrays cant be altered. If you are looking for 2tb of storage space with a mirrored array the only option would be to upgrade to a 4tb