Studio II 4tb over temperature indicators WD Manager reports temp ok

Had my studio for a while and has been used as a store for my large plex collection, however lately it’s been intermittently been reporting over temp. As a precaution I updated the F/W and installed WD manger. This reports temps as ok, yet Finder freezes for a substantial period of time before displaying directory structure. But the data isn’t readable.

I’ve disk repaired… No difference.

This happens immediately when turned on.

As this is my only mac I can’t check on another to see if it’s the mini that playing up.

Does anyone have any suggestion as I don’t want to lose data, but it is under warranty, so if it proves to be the case ( which I’ve had fail before ) would WD replace the case only so I can retain my data?


If you have a Windows computer I will recommend that you run a diagnostic using Western Digital’s Data Lifeguard Diagnostics tool.