Studio Edition II gets extremely hot

I had my studio edition II with the two hdd á 1000GB in Raid 1 setting and it gets extreme hot ( 61°C ) when copying a high amount of data for and hour.

Now i have changed the two HDDs from two 1TB to two 2,5TB  WD25EZRX.

And again, while copying the data back on the raid 1 system it gets 61°C

I think that is normal ( even if WD says in the Datasheet max Temp. 60°C )

But can it be good that a hdd gets so hot ??

OK, that will not be often, only now when i copy the 750GB data back on that HDDs,.

But i think it is not healthy for the drives.

The case has no fan, and i think this is bad.

What is your opinion ??

I don’t care who makes the disk and what the specifications say. From practical experience of 30+ years with disks, 61C is too hot for any kind of longevity. Get a fan and tape it to back or do something to get air circulating around it. Enclosures with no moving air are not good things.

But why does WD the drives sell like this ?

I bought that drive April 2009, so the fitted 1TB WD10EAVS made it this time.

And they still work, i dismounted them only to change to a bigger size.

But normally i dont copy that amount of date, only now for changing the harddisks and copying the data back on the MyBook.

For normal i copy data less than 3 or 4 GB, and than the drive gets not as hot as it gets tonight when it has to copy 750GB what lasts nearly 5 hrs.

But you are right, a fan would be better.