Studio Edition doesn't work over e-SATA

Does anyone else have this problem?
When I try to use my 1Tb My Book Studio Edition via the e-SATA connection on my PC (I’ve tried two computers now) the connection either never works or fails after a short time.
I’m forced to use the slower USB 2.0 connection and even that causes boot issues. I have to turn off or disconnect the drive when using either of my PC’s before they’ll boot up. 

This sounds like the same behaviour as my 4 Home Edition drives. My drives have problems with USB as well and take long pauses during transfers. I have absolutely no problem with any other brand of external disk drive. Unfortunately I bought 4 of these before testing one and it’s too late to return them. I don’t think WD takes an active part in this forum so I expect that they will never post a fix to this problem. I’m just going to remove the drives from their cases and put them in cases that actually work. WD knows that there is a major problem with their external drives - they need to fix them. I can’t understand how these obvious problems can be missed (or ignored) during product testing.