The issue I have is that while playing the truck game it froze up and now I can’t do anything. I hit the reset button, unplugged the unit and it still goes back to the frozen game. THIS **bleep**!! I need help in resetting the unit so that I can play my music and movies.

Leave it unplugged for an extended time… the longer the better.

Once I royally borked my Gen1 trying to play a .mkv with header compression, and even leaving it unplugged for an hour wasn’t sufficient… I ended up leaving it unplugged for 24 hours, and by that point I was able to be back in business.

Thanks, I’ll try that. These games on here are kinda gay, but my children like them. I’ll tell em to stick with the PS3 and Wii.

Your welcome… hope it works for you.

I was sure getting panicked and annoyed when it happened to me.  Everyone was just saying “push the reset”, “unplug it for 10 minutes”, “it’ll be fine”… and when it wasn’t working for me I wanted to yell “*bleep*!!  it’s still not *bleeping* working!!”  So I tried leaving it an hour, and when that didn’t work I was ready to throw it at the wall, and then throw all the broken pieces at the folks who were trying to help and saying “just do this…” :smileyvery-happy:

But, when I regained my cool and realized that at that point I had nothing to lose by leaving it unplugged for a day, since nothing else was working, it ended up doing the trick.  So, of course I have no clue how long would have been long enough in that specific case… with my luck it was probably one hour and 4 seconds. :stuck_out_tongue: