Stuck with Diskless WD My Cloud Home

Hi friends,

I bought a diskless WD My Cloud Home from someone bought only to take out its 6TB disk, thought I would use my spare 2TB WD Blue drive to use as NAS.

Do i have to format this disk before I connect and use it in My Cloud Home? What is the format and is there any image available online?

I tried connecting this drive as is and WD My Cloud Home shows steady lights from very beginning and is not detectable on My Cloud App.

Would appreciate your help…


saw a post where someone replaced the My Cloud Home internal hard drive … formatted and partitioned correctly (so they say) … now the 9-Digit Reg Code doesn’t work.

you bought a shucked enclosure and it was really cheap for a reason … ie. the chances of it being used without the original hard drive are probably slim to none.

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The My Cloud Home single bay drive are not field serviceable. In other words, you can’t replace the Hard Disk.

But there’s some alternatives!
You can install Debian and use it as an NAS.
You can check this thread for more info:

Good Luck!