Stuck on attempting to authenticate - Solved

My cloud worked fine but got very slow on the network. I searched for lots of solutions, The only one working was a downgrade from the firmware. The speed is good now, the shares are on the network and on my phone synchronise works. That is about it.
When I log on the mycloud it stops at attempting to authenticate. I cant find out why. I think something with the downgrade failed, but how? The Safepoint does not work any more just like the sync program.
The ip adres is ok. I have no Java installed. I work from Winows 7 and 10 and use different browsers.
@WD: Why is there not an easy way to downgrade. It is a normal procedure with computers.

Does someone have a solution for my problem

Are you attempting to “log into” to the My Cloud locally or remotely? Have you tried a 4 second reset?

Thanks for the response.
I logon from my home network. I tried the 4 second reset (holding the reset button for 4 seconds) turned the my cloud off and on, turned it on with the reset button pressed

Are we talking about having to authenticate when accessing the My Cloud Dashboard with a web browser or having to authenticate while attempting to brows shares using Windows File Explorer?

We are talking about the dashboard in the browser. The shares work fine.

I applied the 40 second reset. Holding the rest button for 40 seconds when the power is plugged in.
It keeps the data and safe point. The rest I needed to rearrange.
With the old “firmware” Sync does not work. I upgraded again to the latest version. It seems like the network problems are also gone :slight_smile: