Stuck Creating iscsi Target EX2 Ultra

I have an EX2 Ultra that I upgraded the firmware to 5.10.122 this morning. After completing the update I was unable to connect to the iscsi target.

I went to check the admin utility and see the following status.

This was a existing target before the upgrade so I am not sure why it is having an issue.

Any Ideas?


  1. If the Data Volume is filled to 100%, some data will need to be removed to make space.
  2. Turn Off iSCSI
  3. Reboot
  4. Turn On iSCSI

Tried your suggestion and still says creating target 1% progress.

This was not an issue with the old firmware. It seems that something was overlooked when the new firmware was developed. I know that I am not the only one who is having this issue.

You mention that that data volume is full. While the LUN takes up the entire data area, it is not entirely used up. Furthermore, how can I delete the files on the data area if I cannot connect to the target?

Is it possible to roll back the firmware?

This scenario that I have configured is not out of the ordinary, and the system should be able to handle it. I think that it is a safe assumption that when a manufacture releases a device that supports ISCSI that there will be users that will take the entire data area for a target and not be interested in the other features.

What would happen if I just had a share that was filled to capacity. Would the device stop access to the file is the same way that I am not able to access the files that I have on a ISCSI target?

@jstonge Have you opened a support case and provided your system logs?
If no, please do so. If yes, what’s your case number?

You can also enable ssh, login and run the “df” command to see if the data volume is 100% filled to capacity. If so, then follow the KBA listed below to delete the OS3_Apps_Backup and .wdmc folders to free up some space. Once the data volume is not 100% filled to capacity, Turn off iSCSI, reboot and Turn on iCSI and that should resolve your issue.

29795 My Cloud OS 5: Remove .wdmc and OS3_Apps_Backup Folder(s) to Reclaim Disk Space

SBrownWDStaff I have submitted a support ticket but there was no place to attach logs. I have collected them. I also went through the steps that you mentioned to no avail.

dswv42 I saw that thread and I am going to do this but I would like to see what WD has to say about it. Judging by the consensus of the forums they seem more concerned with Indexing the volumes.

It would be nice to see a config file that I can edit or drop in that would address the issue.

The manual CLI steps are located in the following KBA.

iSCSI Target no Longer Seen on a My Cloud Device

Answer ID 14166

SBrownWDStaff That is not the issue that I have. Per the screenshot in my original post I can see the target. I found that Answer ID in my searches and did perform the steps in it and still it will not let me connect to the target.

My previous version was 5.05 and this was not an issue. The system let me create the target in the first place. It was only after the update that the system now gets hung on the ISCSI target.

Can you please attach system logs to your support case #210228-001687

Is there any solution to this? I also experience this issue. Its stuck on 0% creating iSCSI Target after upgrading to OS5 which i posted here. Stuck creating iSCSI Target at 0% after upgrading to OS5

@jcv please check the following article for the solution.

My Cloud OS 5: iSCSI Target Cannot Connect or Create

Answer ID 30255

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Now ok thank you