Strikingly Similar but better remote

take a look at this. The remote almost look similar to wdtv’s one. Look close and it has volume control on it.

Strangely the orginal remote which comes with this unit looks nothing like the spare remote.

I would assume that the WDTV remote is purchased from a company which makes remote controls and to keep cost down they are using a similar design. I have a number of different products which all use the same manufacturer of power supplies. If you look at your WDTV power supply you will see it is made by APD (Asian Power Devices). My Philips USB hard disc and Samsung USB DVD Drive use power supplies from the same company.

Its not just the remote. I have seen jadootv at a friend house and its software is far more superior than what WDTVLive has to offer. They make all sort of live stream available on their box. they also have a website where their users can login and share streaming contents with each other.

I have once suggestion for WDTVLive team if they are listening, go buy jadootv box and research it and provide all that on your wdtvlive box.  I dont see any reason why wdtvlive box cannot have all those neat features.