Stretching 4:3 videos to 16:9

I am trying to watch the original Futurama seasons on my WD media player (ripped with DVD Decryptor from my own orginal DVD’s), however the player will only play the episodes with 4:3.  When I play the DVDs on a standard dvd player, the videos are stretched to widescreen.

On the back of the DVDs it says “Aspect Ratio 1:33:1” so the seasons are by default 4:3.  When the settings on the WD Media player are set to “widescreen”, these episodes play in standard 4:3 format.  However, when the media player is set to “normal” then the player stretches the video and they become widescreen.  On the normal setting, however, all of my 16:9 will not playback properly.

I am looking for a way to let my Futurama episodes play widescreen, without having to switch back and forth between “normal” and “widescreen” in WD settings.

Um… if the box says 4:3, and the standalone is stretching them out to 16:9 instead of maintaining the 4:3, then it seems like the encode is bad and not coded with the right aspect information.

A standalone should be presenting it in 4:3 on a 4:3 screen, and pillarboxed 4:3 on a 16:9 screen… a 4:3 source should never be stretched to fill a 16:9 widescreen.

What happens when you play other properly coded 4:3 material?

haha i think he wants the magic button [[Aspect ratio in options]] save goin’ back to settings menu everytime. like everyone else but it  seems to fall on deaf ears :frowning:


Why do you want 4:3 content stretched to 16:9? Is it because of an obsessive compulsive desire to have no empty real estate on your widescreen TV? Personally, I don’t like 4:3 content stretched to 16:9, It distorts the dimensions of everything and makes everyone look short and stout.