Streaming With WD TV Live Hub on several TV


I’m very interrested by the WD TV live Hub, but before to buy it, I would like to know if it’s possible to stream several movies (which will be on the internal HD or since an external HD) in the same times on several TV on different room at home without crash or other problems…

Should I buy WD TV Live Plus for each room ?

Thanks in advance.

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No? Why no? The WD TV Live Hub allow you to stream to different DLNA/UPnP compatible devices. I have a WD TV Live Hub and I can stream to my WD TV Live SMP,  XBOX 360 and PS3, at the same time, no problem what so ever (all connections are wire, wireless I have encounter few issues). Also, I can stream to my WD TV Live, when it is on.

The WD TV Live Hub is not perfect, but it does work, specially if you take  your time to configure your network correctly.

So, again, why no?

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OK thanks for your answers. 

I think so that it’s possible !!! But I want to pass through my box and send the differents streams in each room by ethernet in order to have the maximum of bandwith… Maybe use an ethernet “swith” rather than pass trough my box… What do you think about this ? Ethernet is better than wifi, no ?

Just some questions:  

How many videos  can you stream in the same time ?

Do you use Ethernet or Wifi ?

And which quality of videos  can you stream ?

Thanks in advance