Streaming with sky server?

I has a skyserver with a lot of movies.
I’m wondering if it’s possible to stream from my server to the WDTV???

With my PC I stream with a program called XBMC.

I really hope that someone can solve this problem.

Thx :smiley:

What and where is your skyserver?
How do you access it with xbmc?

It’s a seedbox in the sky i use.

In xbmc i go to videos, and then I choose “add videos”.

Then i enter the link to the seedbox and enter my password.

Then i have access.

But a can’t find a place to do this process with my WDTV??
I found a lot of discussions with streaming from Windows, but isn’t possible to access to my server? 

There is no way that you can do anything like that with a standard WD player. There is a possibility of streaming them via your PC but not directly.