Streaming (wifi) mkv 720p to ipad 2

Hi guys,

Could someone possibly tell me if is possible?

Streaming to macbook air works fine…

Streaming to android works fine

Streaming to Iphone 6 works fine

Streaming to Windows PC works fine

All this via WIFI ac 5GHZ

But streaming to two different ipad 2 and it happens the same problem, the video stutters doesn´t matter the software.

i´ve been reading quite a few posts but did not find an answer…

Any help or insight in this matter will be very much appreciated…


What’s important is the bit rate of the files versus the performance of your network.

You’ve indicated neither.

In general, I suggest your network between your devices be at least twice as fast as the average bit rate for your files.

iPad Air 2 or iPad 2?

iPad 2 is old and doesn’t support MKV playback natively, it would require a 3rd party video app and that iPad 2 hardware would suffer largly during playback depending on the specifics of the MKV file, such as Video & Audio Codecs, compression and file size.

Thanks for being so quick,

The results of what you asked…

Im also streaming from a sinology nas without problems at all

Thank orlando…

I´ve been reading that for a while in different post but I´m also streaming from a different nas without problems at all…

same lan same wifi same ipad 2 same mkv´s…

Thanks again

Well with that information, I believe its the WD My Cloud’s hardware vs Synology while trying to stream DTS vs 2-ch audio.

Do you have any other MKVs with AVC/AAC w/2-ch instead of DTS to test on the WD My Cloud? If it works, its the WD My Cloud.

What model of Synology NAS do you have?

The thing is that I recommended the WD to my friends being “cheaper” than the sinology…Im using the 213j and works flawlessly…I´ll try a few more files and let you know…


The WD My Cloud is a decent box, the Mirror and EX2 are much better. I cannot find anywhere online the amound/type of Memory the WD My Cloud (single drive) has.

The Synology DS213j (budget) has 512MB and a Marvell Kirkwood 1.2GHz CPU. It could be an issue with the single drive My Cloud, again test some other MKVs and report back asap. 

the base mycloud has 256M and pages fairly bad. no idea what the mirror/EXx have

if it is a new device or you just uploaded a lot of files I would give it time and see if it gets better

I have streamed 1080 movies to my Tv without issue so it can do the job, it just dosn’t have much left over

Its not about 1080 vs 720 vs 30fps vs 60fps its audio and video codecs and the size of the file itself.

Trust me.

Hi orlando…

After different tests I´ve found an app which plays everything on ipad 2 streaming from WD, infuse version  pro…

I knew it couldn’t be the ipad because sinology uses dsvideo and I stream without problems… 

Thanks for your help

Good to know!

The thing is, it is the iPad and the specs of the file itself for the native iOS video player. 3rd party video apps are configured completely different, which allows you to have a better experience. 

the iPhone 6 can only do 2.5mbps files smoothly, another member was complaining of the same issue as you from a GoPro HD video file which was 30000mbps, which is over 12x the spec amount Apple claims.

Same for the iPad 2

Its like 3rd party camera apps that allow “4k” video, its upscaling and although the iPhone may be “capable” of doing this but Apple doesn’t allow it natively, for many reasons, battery, hardware/software optimization, etc.