Streaming videos and download usage

i have yet to install my My Book Live and was wondering something. (i have exams so i dont want to get distracted lol) its great that we can access movies, photos, and files but does that mean by accessing these files mean youre utilising download usage? if i was coming over to a friends house, and i brought my ipad, i could access their wifi. would that mean i would cut 3gb out of their usage if i watched a movie from my ipad that was accessing from my hdd at home? can someone who has already got the my book live up and running to verify this? thanks


You’re using both YOUR bandwidth (considered as Upload) and your FRIEND’s bandwidth (considered as download.)

If either of you have Metered Service, then you need to be aware of that.

so i literally have to be using the same wifi network to not incur bandwidth usage? thats not very efficient if i want to watch movies that are gb sizes. is there any other way to minimise this?

  thats not very efficient if i want to watch movies that are gb sizes.

What were you expecting?

The data has to get from Point A to Point B – How else do you expect it to do that?

There are two options:

   – Re-encode your movies to the absolutely minimal bitrate you can tolerate to reduce their size.

   – Buy WD 2go Pro and “Clip” the movies while you’re at home to watch them later from local memory.

ok thanks! lol idk i thought by connecting to the router makes your files instantly on the web so that you only have to worry abt downloads. but i mustve got confused. thanks for your help :stuck_out_tongue:


You are mixing apples and oranges.  You are talking about what you can do with a networked/web accessible device but your questions and the issue you raise is about the “how” data is transferred, moved around, back and forth, etc., on those attached devices.

The “what” it can do is apples.  The “how” devices do that “what” is oranges.

The “how” the drive does its “what” is going to limit the speed, practicality, etc., of that “what”.

You and any user has to connect to the network accessible device.  The connection is going to be the primary decider of how fast things are done.  The connection is not  the only factor but it is the primary factor.