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Greetings.   I bought a MyCloud among other things to stream video at home to a couple of WDTV Live devices a month or two ago.  During viewings the video stutters noticeably from time to time.  Four or five times in a half hour.  The fix is to pause the video for a moment and then hit play again.  There is no pattern as to when the video will stutter and it occurs on multiple videos and at random points so its not the files themselves.  I suspect that it could be the MyCloud momentarily not keeping up with the demand of streaming.  Not trying to knock the MyCloud as I very much like it but wondering if anyone else who might use this drive for video streaming has encountered the same problem. I have also bypassed the WDTVLive and streamed straight to the TV via DLNA and the issue presents itself then as well with a “Loading…” message appearing every so often on screen.  Other than this, the device works beautifully.   Could the MyCloud not be able to meet the demands of video streaming 100% of the time?  Is it an issue that can/will be resolved in a FW update at some point or is this more HW oriented?  I have the MyCloud set for Media Streaming and Media Serving as well.  I’m using a Powerline adapter to the WDTVLive units and have a good connection.  I can monitor the connection speeds and the BW drops to almost zero when the stuttering occurs.  All of my home LAN traffic goes through a TrendNet GigaSwitch so the router is out of the picture.  Maybe I need a different device to stream video more reliably.


Another user was having the same issue. Take a look at his thread. Hope it helps

After much tweaking and experimenting I may have gotten a workaround for my problem at least for the time being.  I have been using VOB files exclusively when copying and ripping DVDs.  Not sure why really just seemed logical to deal with the DVDs in their original format.  I don’t have an extraordinary number of videos so far but I do have about a hundred movies and TV series stored on my Cloud.  The videos all worked flawlessly in VOB format until recently.  Within the last couple of weeks I began experiencing audio stuttering and moments where the video might hiccup as well.  After my first posting I determined my network was performing well and that nothing physically had changed so after trying several setting changes on the WD devices with no positive result I tried ripping a couple of troublesome videos into the MKV container/format.  So far so good.  No stuttering.  Continuous uninterrupted playback.  My Cloud and two WDTVLive units are performing well.  I guess I’ll continue with the MKV rips but I still wonder why the VOB files suddenly began to be problematic when they had worked fine previously.

What is the purpose of streaming to the WDTV live when you can stream directly to the DLNA TV? 

RoldGold wrote:

What is the purpose of streaming to the WDTV live when you can stream directly to the DLNA TV? 

Well, IMHO, DLNA clients are simply lousy across the board.    Every one of my TVs and Bluray players have this “feature,” but I never use it.

Besides what TonyPh12345 says, the UI for the WDTV live is so much better than anything I’ve seen in DLNA equipped devices.  Also, being able to pause a show on one TV and resume later on a different set in a different room I find very useful.  That is not a feature pure DLNA offers.  DLNA devices are great in that they offer a way to stream video content but the UI and other features offered by the WDTV live make that a clear winner at least for me.

By the way I’d stated earlier I’d had problems with VOB files and was switching to MKV.  Well I had nothing but problems with MKV files and audio sync issues using DVDFab.  Switched back to VOB and discovered what was probably just a couple of corrput VOB files that likely was causing my initial problems.  Gone back to using VIDEO_TS, VOB, and encapsulation in ISO now.  All is well.