Streaming Video to Android TV from WD My cloud


I have  videos stored in WD My Cloud . I have  a Android TV Dongle connected to my TV via HDMI Port directly. This Dongle runs Android powered by 4.2.2 Jellybean version . I instlled ES File explorer and MX Player apps onto it. ES File explorer helped my browse through the WD My cloud all the files and folders sucessfully. However, Wen i m trying to play the content , say the Video, MX is not playing.

The same setup from my Nexus 5 plays successfully all the videos.

What am i doing wrog or if i 'm missing something.

My Android TV dongle  name is MK808b  which has wifi 802.11n .

Let me know if more infomration isn requirred. 

Ok, After researching few more stuffs, I  myself find a different solution but truly a perfect  one though.

I enabled the Twonky server built-in, setup for Twonky  link is given below;

Then in the Android TV (MK808b) Dongl, I installed the BubbleUPNP app which acts as the client to the DLNA server which Twonky has hosted. And thats it, Open the App, Identify your DLNA Media server name which is setup in the Twonky server setup and start clicking the  media files. I tried with .mov, mp4 as of now and it works fine. One catch here is, it takes me about 10seconds after the click that buffering happens adn then the file starts playing but i think that is currently livable for my Old LCD Tv which wanted to be powered by Android for Network activities :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Refer the guide for Twonky setup for more details,-ex2,-ex4,-my-book-live,

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 BubbleUPNP is a really useful app when a DLNA client is needed. I’m glad it’s working for you.