Streaming video from WD MyCloud to iPad: Problems

I have been using WD MYCloud for streaming videos (mainly movies) to Apple ipad Air. IT works fine EXCEPT for one little problem, which is driving me nuts!

If I have a video/movie locally on my iPad, I can stop it at a cetain point, then go back the next day and resume where I had previously left off. This does NOT work, for some reason, when I am streaming from MyCloud. IT always goes back to the beginning of the film/program, regardless of what I do.

This is true for BOTH watching the movie on my iPad AND streaming to Apple TV.

I have tried using the “activity” setting (bottom of sidebar list), but it’s the same. No matter what I do, whatever I am watching starts at the beginning. So I have to keep notes as to where I stopped if I really want to know where to resume.

Obviously something is wrong with my setup.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.



Windows 7 64 bit; iPad iOS 7.1; latest MyCloud (it is only 1 month old); Apple TV


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