Streaming Video from NAS?

Hello all.

I have a 4TB NAS Duo in RAID1 that I use to store my music, videos and photos amongst other stuff.

Can someone tell me how I can stream Video to my DLNA enabled TV’s / AV kit around the house?

I used to be able to do this as the storage was inside my PC and the PC decoded the videos before streaming them. As there is no decoder in the NAS, how am I supposed to watch video on my DLNA TV’s etc? It was kind of the main reason for buying it - so I could turn my computer off when not in use.


As long as your TV supports the file types over DLNA, there’s nothing you need to do.

The DLNA servers in the MBL/MBLD are not transcoding servers.

According to the specs, yes the devices support the file types. 

I’m assuming the PC did any decoding when the PC hosted the videos.

However, when trying to access them from the NAS the devices report “no files found”. 

They are very common video formats.

For christ sake, this is what always winds me up.

EVERY time I ask someone for help, I fix it the minute I’ve hit “post”.

I’ve been battling with this for 6 months. Just turned every piece of kit in the house on - now it all works!

But thank you anyway for your time, it’s much appreciated.

Biomech wrote:

…this is what always winds me up. EVERY time I ask someone for help, I fix it the minute I’ve hit “post”.