Streaming video from MYCLOUD device hangs

I have an HTPC PC streaming video from a MYCLOUD network folder and usually after a few minutes the streaming hangs.
If I copy the file to a local device the streaming does not hang.
What could be causing this ?

What “HTPC” interface are you using? Kodi, Plex, other?

How is that HTPC accessing the My Cloud? Using a mapped Share? Via DLNA?

How is the HTPC connected to the local network? Is it connected via Wifi? What is the network layout?

Could you copy the media file to the local computer to stream? Yes, but why would you? There is something wrong with how your HTPC is accessing the My Cloud or something wrong with the HTPC interface/program itself.

I’ve used Plex to stream media from a My Cloud without issue. Same goes for numerous DLNA clients on both PC’s, Roku boxes, and mobile devices.

The MY CLOUD folder is mapped by “Map Network Drive” and it has a drive letter assigned.
The interface for streaming is Kodi.

How is the HTPC connected to the local network? Is it connected via Wifi? What is the network layout?

This is the most significant question, as it is likely to be the problem.

Without an answer, we can’t really help.

When you copy and play the file locally, do you use Kodi to play it (as you do when streaming)?

+1, provide more details and test wifi vs wired.
Also provide Wifi protocol, A,B,G,N, AC? and type of file such as size, resolution, codecs. HD, SD, Bluray?

I am a Kodi user, no issues.

No WIFI involved. HTPC connected to switch and My Cloud also connected to the switch.
When file is local playback is also done via Kodi.

What format is the file? Is Kodi transcoding the file in any way before piping it to the TV?

How is Kodi connecting to the My Cloud? Using SMB or some other method?

What is the speed of the local network? 10/100 or Gigabit?

The network speed is 10/100. The files are MKV 720P.
The play back does not stutter. It freezes. I need to re-cycle Kodi to get out of the freeze.
Same file plays fine locally. This happened multiple times with different files and sometimes it does not happen at all.
Kodi runs under windows 8.1 and the folder is mapped by windows as a network drive.