Streaming to XBox 360

I bought the hub so I didnt have to use Media Extender on my 360 anymore, as it was laggy as anything with customized themes, and I didnt want to have to have my PC on all the time to stream movies etc. It’s proved to be a great solution, with media streaming perfectly to the 360, via the Videos/Pictures/Music Libraries, meaning I dont have to use Media Centre.

The question I have, the folder and video icons/thumbnails used on the 360 appear to be the thumbnail I have used for the subdirectories I have set up for each category of movie on my WDTV Live Hub. To clarify, my folder structure on WDTV Live Hub is:

WDTV Live Hub

----- Movies


--------------folder.jpg (for the “Kids” thumbnail on the menu)






I have it set up this way to use the custom themes such as mojo on my WDTV, all good. My XBox, however, uses the “folder.jpg” as the thumbnail for the folder and movie, in the Video library, rather than the thumbnail for the specific movie (ie “movietitle.jpg”).

What Im wondering, is if anyone know where I could change the XBox so that it looks for “movietitle.jpg” for the movie file in it’s video library. I knows I could put each movie into a separate folder on my WDTV to overcome this problem, but that would stuff up the thumbnails for my WDTV themes.

I know it’s an obscure question, but any help would be appreciated.

I’m not 100% sure (I stopped using my 360 for movies ages ago due to numerous issues) but I don’t think it’s capable of doing this. You have it configured correctly for the WD TV.