Streaming to Smart TV in different area of house

Hi All,

I recently bought a new samsung smart tv and I am trying to access my wdtv player and external hard drive that is connected to it. The player and hard drive are in a different room but I thought I could wirelessly access it on the Smart TV.

Any recommendations on how to do this or is it not possible?

Thank You

Unless your smart TV can access CIFS / SAMBA (Microsoft) Shares, then it’s not possible, as the WDTV doesn’t have a DLNA media server.

You’d have to run the server on a PC or something.

The WDTV Live Hub has a Media Server (Twonky)

“Multi-room streaming to any DLNA device in your home”

Thanks for the replies. I only have the WDTV live not the smart hub so it looks like I cannot. 

Is it possible to set up something like a homegroup on Windows 7 or something? Or am I just [Deleted - Trancer] out of luck.