Streaming to a non-smart tv

hi everybody!
I bought and old tv with HDMI port but it isn’t a smart tv it is one of the tvs that came a little bit before smart tvs
and I would like to know if there is any way I could connect my My Cloud to the tv using one of the sticks like amazon fire or chrome cast I really want to spend the less possible so if you have any particular Chinese brand in mind I would be really grateful (I want it only for this purpose).
also is there any guide I can follow?
Thanks :smiley:

The My Cloud’s embedded media server can be accessed by a wide variety of devices including various streaming devices like; Amazon Fire Stick/TV, Roku, Android box/Kodi, mobile device/Kodi, PC/Kodi, Chromecast, Apple TV, Plex Media Server/Client, etc.

You need to ensure what ever device you connect to your TV support DLNA and can access a DLNA media server on the local network.

You should read the unofficial Twonky FAQ to understand what the Twonky Media Server is, and how to best (unofficially) configure it.

For certain devices like Chromecast they rely on your mobile device or PC to perform the actual connection to the My Cloud and stream the media to the Chromecast unit.

Depending on the connections on your TV (for example VGA) and on the computer, it may be possible to use an old or spare computer to stream content from the My Cloud to the TV by connecting the PC direct to the TV using VGA or HDMI.

To stream using Chromecast from an Android mobile device one can use the WD My Cloud app for Android. The Android My Cloud app supports Chromecast.

the problem is that i dont want to pass by using my computer i would like to in some way “link” directly the my cloud with the tv (or the streaming device connected to it)

Streaming to a non-smart TV is easy if you have the right equipment. Do you have any of the devices Bennor mentioned? Easiest and cheapest way is to run Kodi app on a Fire TV or stick. Or, from an Android phone or tablet you have with the Avia app installed…

i dont have any, i was asking for a recomendation of the cheapest one that could do the work also i dont have any android diveces (or IOS)
sorry for the trouvle

Many of the devices I listed above are low cost (under $100 US dollars) streaming devices that you connect to your TV. Most of them will connect to the My Cloud using DLNA, and stream media from the My Cloud’s embedded (Twonky) media server.

Without knowing what you consider “cheap” (cost wise) and how willing you are to do some possible work on the device yourself, it is hard to provide a recommendation.

Many here will have their own preference based on their own experiences. Some will buy the Amazon Fire TV or Stick device then mod it themselves to run Kodi by using one of the many “How To” guides out there, like this one: Others will buy one of the many low cost Android box with Kodi, like this one: Others will buy a low cost Roku, like the Roku Stick: Others will use the Google Chromecast. However the Google Chromecast generally requires the use of a mobile device to initiate the streaming to the Chromecast which then transmits the media to the TV.

You have a lot of low cost options and there is no; “best”, “perfect” or “recommended” device to use for streaming content from the My Cloud to your TV. All of the devices listed previously will work.

thanks a lot :smiley: i am going to see this devices you mentioned

Well you can’t.

The MyCloud is a storage device.
Your TV is just a TV, and cannot access the MyCloud. It has no means to render digital media files.

So, you need a digital media renderer (DMR), that will access media files on your MyCloud, and render them into an HDMI audio/video stream. Bennor gave you a pretty comprehensive list of options for such a DMR.

You need to pick one.

Kodi can access the MyCloud as an SMB file server, as well as a DLNA media server.

Typed using a cheap Android media box, connected to a dumb HDTV by HDMI, and via WiFi to a MyCloud, allowing me to browse the web, use Facebook, email, catch-up TV, and watch videos with Kodi or VLC, and play music with BubbleUPnP. There are dozens of these things on eBay, Amazon and Banggood, etc. Go shopping.