Streaming questions

I’m considering upgrading one of my current network media players, a dLink DSM-320, to a Live Hub, but have a couple questions first.

My current setup is as such:

  • HP MediaSmart Homeserver running TwonkyMedia (media server)
  • 2 dLink DSM-320 media players
  • 1 dLink DSM-510 media player

What I would like to do is get rid of the TwonkyMedia on the homeserver and have the Live Hub share the media. I already have all of my media seperated into seperate folders (Video, Music, Pictures), which are shared drives.

Now we get into the setup:

Once the Live Hub is installed, will it stream out both the media from the shared folders and the internal drive at the same time, or is a one-or-the-other deal?

Also, can the internet services, such as NetFlix, be accessed from the other network media players (the dLinks), or is this only accessible from the Live Hub itself? I’d like to be able for each player be able to get their own movies.

With the custom themes, will these appear on the Live Hub itself, or will it also appear on every connected device?

Take a look at this link in order to disable the twonky media server,342/session/L3RpbWUvMTI5OTEwMzU1MC9zaWQvNWV5ZypYbms%3D