Streaming problems with Stora NAS system


I’m from Holland so my english is not like yours.

My question is,i have a Netgear stora NAS system and when i stream with it there is no problem,but when i don’t use it for a few minutes,the NAS will turn on to sleep.

When i want to use it again,the live hub couldn’t stream with the NAS.

Also when i listen to music files,te same happen wile i listening to music. he shut off.

I have to take of the electric conection to start from the beginning for streame the NAS (local network).

Please help me!

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You might consider posting your question on the Stora forums?

I had the WD mediaplayer model before and there was no problem with it

sezz1976 wrote:

I had the WD mediaplayer model before and there was no problem with it

Doesn’t matter.   If the Stora goes into Standby even though there’s an active stream, it’s obviously a bug with the Stora.

I have got the same weird problem here.

When i press the hold button on the remote control to pause a movie to get a beer or something, the Netgear falls asleep after a couple of minutes. When i come back and i press play button to resume the movie, the live hub sometimes crashes or mostly returns to the main screen.

When trying to reconnect to the NAS via the Mediaserver or networkshare list, The Netgear STORA NAS is completely gone and there is not a way to resolve the thing again. There is only one way, pulling the powerplug out and putting it back in. after booting the live hub, the STORA share appears back in the list and it’s also accessible again.

At first, it looks like it’s a STORA problem but my Laptop, my Iphone and my “old” WD TV LIVE doesn’t have any problems with accessing the NAS at the sametime i’m having problems with resolving the STORA share on the Live HUB.

The most recent updates have beeing installed on my Stora and my Live hub.

Please, my wife is about to leave me…:wink: