Streaming pc to WD TV Live Media Player

hi, i was told i could use wdlive" This unit streams online content from your computer to the TV, the handling of the format is done on the computer side." so i could go to sites like stream to my pc. then i can stream that from my pc to the wd live?

is this so ?


waiting for an answer so i can buy this

No, I don’t think so. I don’t know a way to do it. Where do you read this?

the guy from tiger direct said this,seemed possible using something like TVersity?

The WDTV live can act as a DLNA client. So anything that can push content as a DLNA server will be able to be watched on the WDTV. For instance, I have used PlayOn to watch free Hulu and other online network sites (such as HGTV) on the WDTV and have also used Skifta from my Droid to push content directly from my phone to the TV.

so this is true?you can do that using the play on feature or do ya need some other type of software.

I suggest getting the Roku for this purpose.  I have both the Roku and WDTV Live, and Roku has tons of internet content (like JustinTV) you can stream to your TV.

The WDTV is best for streaming your own music, videos and photos, and both units have Netflix so you can use that, too.

Although the Roku and WDTV are both media players, they are unique and different enough that it makes sense to have both if you are serious about streaming “anything”.

PlayOn is not a feature of the WDTV live. It is “some other piece of software”. Please research DLNA and the PlayOn website to se if this does what you want. There is no known solution to stream Justin.TV to any streaming box as far as I know, be it the WD or the Roku. One cannot just stream whatever happens to be on the PC’s screen to a streaming box. That’s not how things work on any streaming box.

Just to clarify:  if someone has a Roku and wants to view content from JustinTV (or any other video streaming source) they need the Roku “app” (Roku calls them channels) for JustinTV, etc. installed on the Roku and you view videos from the Roku; not from a PC or anything like that.