Streaming PC Audio to WD TV Live

Hi all,

Apologies in advance if this has been asked before, but after searching, I can’t find my specific question.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to stream my PC’s audio output (for example, a SoundCloud stream) to the WM TV Live with output through my receiver? I was looking at various Bluetooth solutions for a wireless setup, but it would be great to take advantage of what I already have. 



Let me see if I get this clear. You are trying to play some music that you have on the computer using an especific program in the computer and you want to use the media player as a bridge to hear the music through your  receiver.

If that is what you are trying to do, sorry mate, that’s not possible.


Thanks for the reply. Yes, basically I’m trying to use the media player to stream my pc audio wirelessly to my receiver. I visit a lot of music sites and they all have players to stream tracks/playlists. It’s typically not something I’m dl’ding to my HD for storage.

Logitech has a really nice Bluetooth solution, but I was hoping to avoid adding yet another remote to the mix on the coffee table. :slight_smile:


You can stream local media from the PC to SMP using the “Play to”  feature in Windows Media Player.

You can NOT stream music from a web site to the SMP.  


I was searching exaclty the same fonction.

it’s a little complicated:

You have to stream computer “stereo mix” from your sound card with VLC and do it played with a UPNP Controller (i used the foobar plugin)

It worked before but since some updates wd tv cannot open the stream file, don’t know why.

If someone can help me with this…