Streaming music to android / 'No available apps' from the 'Add an app' option


I’ve been pretty happy with my EX2100 although I’m not using it for anything too fancy. However…

I’ve decided I want to start streaming some shuffled playlists to my phone for when I’m driving. I thought it’d be easy but more fool me. I have for my music steaming perfectly to my Sonos at home so that’s all good.

I also sussed out how to create the playlist in the MyCloud desktop app but this doesn’t appear to then work when I try to use it on my android phone. So I figured there’s probably some faffing around to be done, either with an app on the EX2100 or on the phone. So I took a look for the first time at the list of available apps on the device from the App menu, as per the instruction. Only when I click ‘Add app’ it just tells me ‘No available apps’.

It seems likely I’m missing some very basic and simple so if someone could kindly point me in the right direction, that would be much appreciated! Either on how solve the original problem of getting a shuffled playlist playing on my phone or to get the apps appearing so I can start checking what is there that may help.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Pretty sure nothing like this is available. Maybe someone else has better info.