Streaming music on the android mobile app

my last phone was an Iphone and both my 4s and 5s worked fine with the app and a Musicplayer was reachable from the menu by dragging the menu down and it continued from where you where last time.
byt with the Android app i must start my Music from the browser and find where i was last. and i cant reach the player from the menu.
on top of it all the Music cant sync over internet anymore just over wifi.
i cant find any tutorial for the app anywhere.

I don’t have any problem playing mine with the My Cloud Mobile app. I have a Samsung Galaxy S6. My music is in my Horace share. Below are some images. Click on, tap or activate images to enlarge them.

You said “on top of it all the Music cant sync over internet anymore just over wifi.” Are you saying it will not play over LTE, only wifi? Mine will play over both.

I have reinstalled the app and the streaming works on internet. But this is how the menu looks on an iphone. Its always where you stopt it last time. This player dont exist on android.

And your browser has icons on the top. Mine dont. Whi is this?

Hey Cat0w,

Do you ever play all your tracks random?

If you take a look at my other post: Android My Cloud APP indexing lost

I’m curious if you have the same experience if you tried doing as I do.


No, I have not. I have made some playlist and play them otherwise I play the album.

I dont see any method to create playlists on the android app.

You create them on that or the desktop gui?