Streaming music from mycloud to networked stereo and remote devices: possible?


I have a query someone may be able to advise on. I don’t own a My Cloud, but the answer to my query will influence whether I buy one.

A key thing I’d like to use My Cloud for is to store all my music, and I have three questions!

(i) At the moment, my music is on my PC (Windows 10) and I run Plex so I can stream music to my networked (DLNA) stereo (Yamaha CRX N560). If my music were on My Cloud, could I stream it directly to my stereo?

(ii) I also use a Sonos speaker at home. Using the Sonos app, could I stream music from My Cloud to the Sonos speaker?

(iii) If my phone or PC is connected to the internet but from a location away from my home (i.e. not connected to my home WiFi), can I stream music from My Cloud to my device via the internet?

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated!


Yes to all three questions. The My Cloud has an embedded media server called Twonky. You should download and read the My Cloud User Manual ( which explains how to use the various features/functions of the My Cloud. Also see the various FAQ questions at the previous link (its the WD Support link). For remote access/musing playing on a mobile device one would use the WD My Cloud app for iOS/Android. See the following links:

And do a subforum search through this subforum, using the magnifying glass icon upper right, for Sonos to see the various issues other Sonos users have had.

One should also see the following unofficial Twonky FAQ which details various things that help make using Twonky easier/better.

Thanks Bennor! Will check out what you suggested.

I’d read somewhere that rather than stream from remote locations you had to first upload the tracks. Sounds like that might not be the case anymore. (If anyone has found you do have to upload rather than stream, do let me know!).


Upload the tracks? To what?

For remote streaming from the My Cloud one generally uses one of the WD apps or software. If you were hoping to stream direct to something like a remote TV or remote Sonos or similar remote device that isn’t generally possible without using one of the WD apps/software.

Read the My Cloud User Manual and see the other links posted, they detail how to access and use the My Cloud both locally and remotely.

@sigmundo Use the following link and it should virtually answer all of your questions.

Cool. Thanks again Bennor and thanks cat0w!

What I meant about ‘uploading tracks’ was, for example, that if your phone was connected to WiFi somewhere outside your home and you wanted to play an album, rather than streaming the music from My Cloud, you’d need to first upload the album from My Cloud to your phone and then play the album.

But as you point out: I’m sure all this is covered in the manual and other posts.

I do this often using the My Cloud mobile app and is explained in full manual.