Streaming music doesn't play when using HDMI passthrough

I have my music shared from my PC to my WDTV Live and anytime I try to stream a song (as well as anything on Spotify), it plays but doesn’t have any sound output. Currently its set to HDMI Passthrough to my receiver, which works perfectly for videos, but no sound for music.

However, if I change my audio output to just stereo, the music plays.

Is there anyway around this to get it to play audio through HDMI passthrough? My assumption is that if audio output is set to stereo, then I won’t get anything above 2.0 sound on videos (so no DTS tracks).

Firmware 1.06.04 (released today) is supposed to fix this.

Awesome, thanks! I didn’t see anything about it in the release notes, I just assumed it was all for EU Netflix.