Streaming music direct to my iPad

Hi, I have a 2TB MyBook Live with approx 60GB of music stored in the shared music folder. I have Twonky set up and running and iTunes Server enabled on the MyBook.  I have also rebuilt and rescanned these recently.

I have just purchased an iPad (1st gen) and want to stream music direct from my MyBook to the iPad. I’ve managed to set up Home Sharing in iTunes on my laptop and MyBook and have successfully used iTunes on my iPad to stream music from the NAS but I wanted to stream directly from the NAS to the iPad (no computers/laptops in the middle).

Is this possible, if so how do I go about doing this?


Unfortunately, you will need to use 3rd party applications to do so. And even so, your computer will need to be on.

Just Google how stream your music to your iPad. 

I found a solution. Plug player app for iPad lets me stream direct from MBL from to the iPad and play it without the need for a pc. It even let’s me stream it to my Bluetooth speakers via the iPad.
UI isn’t quite as good as iTunes but it works fine